Mike Garcia

Mike Garcia

During his last year of high school, Mike decided to become a plumber. Following graduation, he became an apprentice at a small residential plumbing firm. With his dependable nature, honest values, and hard work ethics, Mike rapidly rose to the top of each position held. He was appointed job foreman, which gave him invaluable experience dealing with people and managing time. He was employed in the residential new construction industry for ten years. During that time he learned all aspects of construction by being exposed to projects from start to finish. He became familiar with reading prints, coordinating and managing work crews with other trades, and meeting deadlines.

Seeing an opportunity with a small start-up company, Mike made a move from residential plumbing to sprinkler installation. He was quickly asked to run the company consisting of managing payroll, ordering materials, supervising crews, obtaining permits, and installation of the product.

After working for others for eleven years, and gaining experience in the construction industry, Mike tried his hand at managing his own company. He and a partner purchased two investment properties and completely renovated them for resale.

During this time of investment endeavors, Mike met Craig Shotwell of Shotwell Construction. He liked the company and their work, and decided to start working for Shotwell. He was successfully employed there for many years until the recent recession and real-estate slow down.

Mike managed a 40-unit commercial building for two years, responsible for all maintenance from plumbing, electrical, HVAC, sheetrock, doors, security, and paint.

Mike and Craig are both entrepreneurs by nature and the desire to be self employed was hard to ignore. They realized that buying, renovating, and selling real estate would not work in today’s economy; therefore, understanding the public’s need to continue maintaining their homes, at an affordable cost, they started a company allowing them to use all the skills acquired and honed throughout the past two decades. This gave birth to the business plan of Your Home Solution.

Mike lives in Rosedale with his lovely wife of twelve years, Yvonne, and four cats. He is an animal lover and rescues strays of all kinds from time to time. He enjoys getting together with friends, playing poker, and watching football. He is a die hard Redskin fan.

Mike Garcia, Your Home Solution