Home Repair/Remodel Pricing

Our pricing is simple.

How we work with you:

We charge $75 per hour/per man with a 2-hour minimum for 2 men. Our business model is not set up for traveling to homes and providing free written estimates as there is not enough time in the day. The price of gas and other costs of running a business prohibit this at our price point. We are trying to keep our prices affordable for the average working person, and when you consider all of the skills and experience Mike and I bring to your home, you will agree that our hourly rate is very reasonable.

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Frequently asked questions:

  1. So if YHS doesn’t come to my home and offer free written estimates, then how do you operate? You create a prioritized list of all of the tasks and projects you would like us to tackle. Walk through your home, inside and out, and look for all of those annoying things that bug you and need tending to. Aside from repairing, we also create or fabricate most anything you may need such as cabinets, stairs, doors, metal, or ironwork, etc. Look at our services offered and get some inspiration. Remember that your home is your castle and it should meet all of your needs. “Life has many challenges, your home shouldn’t be one of them.” After making your wish list, contact us for a start date. We will come to your home, after a contract has been signed and returned to our office, and begin work. We start at number 1 on your list and work our way down. You can monitor our progress and decide how long you would like us to work. You can stop work, after our minimum has been reached, at any time when your budget has been reached.
  2. How can I budget and have a round idea how much my job will cost? You can either e-mail or fax us your prioritized list of projects that you have and we will be happy to look the list over and give you an estimate of time, free. Please keep in mind that this is simply an estimate and time does vary from job to job. Another way to get a rough idea of costs involved is to look at the examples of work that we have performed on our services offered link. We have provided an estimated cost for each project, on the “after” photo. Please keep in mind this is simply an estimate and time does vary from job to job.
  3. Since your pricing for the smaller jobs is based on time, how do I know that you will work fast and efficiently and I will get my money’s worth? There are three ways–You can request a list of references, read our testimonials, and read our Google star rating. We have been in business for more than18 years and have never had an MHIC complaint or lawsuit. We are in business to make money and build long-lasting relationships of trust.
  4. Who pays for materials? You do; we do not charge any mark up on materials. We only charge for our time, which includes time required to drive to purchase supplies and deliver them to your home (this is the same hourly rate as for labor). See our contract for further explanation.
  5. What if a subcontractor is required during one of my jobs, or for a part of my job, is not covered by your expertise? We do not get in the middle of any other contractor and you. In other words, we do not mark up someone else’s labor or pass that cost to you. We let you deal directly with whoever is needed to accomplish the quality completion of your project. If we are not able to serve you, we have a long list of recommendations, from years of experience in the business, of sub-contractors that we will gladly provide. We can even make a call for you and work with them if needed.
  6. What if we don’t know exactly what we need to have done?We will be happy to meet you at your home for a consultation at our hourly rate. We can provide you with many ideas and even direct you to other sub-contractors who may be able to provide you with more information. Keep in mind whenever we recommend someone, we do not represent them, nor they, us. We do not mark up their rates, nor do we take responsibility for their work; we simply try to assist wherever we can to save you money and give good references.We also make recommendations throughout the course of our work on your home. This will help you make decisions about how the project will move forward. All of our work will be done to code or better, so knowing all of the nuts and bolts of how a job is to be completed is not necessary for you; however, we are always happy to educate our customers.
  7. What forms of payment do you accept? We now accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.